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Frequently Asked Questions

What are simpler ingredients? How is this different from the previous recipe? Tenderflake uses simpler ingredients that you may find in your pantry. We have replaced dextrose with real sugar, salt with sea salt, and soy lecithin with sunflower lecithin. We use higher quality ingredients so you can enjoy the best taste possible.
Which products now have simpler ingredients? All Tenderflake ready to bake pie shells, tart shells and puff pastries are now made with simpler ingredients.
Why has Tenderflake changed its recipe? Tenderflake is still your helping hand in the kitchen to bake delicious pies and pastry recipes as we’ve done for the past 30 years. We understand that today’s consumer wants simple products made with real ingredients that taste homemade. Our new recipe made with simpler ingredients has been lovingly made to ensure there is no impact on taste or flakiness. We’re also happy to tell you that there are no added colours or flavours. This means you can feel more confident about baking the best pies and pastries for your family.
Have the nutritionals changed? Yes, there are some small changes to the nutritionals. For more information, please see the products section.
Is there any impact to taste? Has the flakiness changed? Tenderflake made with simpler ingredients has the same great taste and delivers the same flakiness like it always has when baked. We tested Tenderflake made with simpler ingredients with our consumers and they found no difference in taste and felt the recipe tasted just like homemade.
Will recipes on the website get affected by this change? Will they deliver the same results? No the recipes will not be affected and will be as delicious as before.