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White Chocolate Tartlets


1 Package Tenderflake® Tart Shells

(9 oz/ 260 mL) Chopped white chocolate

1/3 cup (80 mL) 35% Whipping cream

Creamy, delicious and just a little decadent. You choose the toppings for this dessert.


Fresh berries and icing sugar
White Chocolate truffles, halved
Pomegranates and chopped pistachios


PREHEAT oven to 375°F (190°C).

BAKE tart shells according to package directions. Set aside to cool completely.

HEAT white chocolate in a double boiler set over low heat. Stir in whipping cream until smooth. Fill tart shells with the mixture and refrigerate until set.

TOP with your choice of suggested toppings.

Prep Time: 
10 minutes
Cook Time: 
10 minutes
Total Time: 
20 minutes

White Chocolate Tartlets

15 mins Serves 2 Ingredients: 1 Naan bread, 3 pieces fresh mozzarella, 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil, 1 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 5 basil leaves 3 cloves garlic 1 tomato