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How to Make a Fluted Pie Crust

Fluted Pie crust step 1

Step 1:

Thaw out Tenderflake® Pie Shell according to package instructions.

Fluted Pie crust step 2

Step 2:

With two fingers (thumb + forefinger) gently flatten out crust along edge of pie shell until flat with no  decorative edging.

Fluted Pie crust step 3

Step 3:

Using the forefinger of one hand as a base, and the forefinger and thumb on your other hand, crimp the crust.

Fluted Pie crust step 4

Step 4:

Continue working your way around the crust, fluting the edge, until the entire pie crust has been fluted.

Fluted Pie crust tip

Tip: You can also make a wider fluted edge by using the back of a teaspoon as a guide instead of your fingertips.

Step 5:

You have now completed fluting the edge of your pie and are ready to bake!